Ways You Can Be Involved at Wichita Friends School

Parent’s involvement in their child’s classroom has proven to have a positive effect on children’s success. It is a key factor in improving students’ academic performance. We know your life is full and your schedule is busy, so here are a few ideas easy ways to get involved.

  • Donate items to the classroom or to the school library
  • Offer to take home and cut out items for your child’s teacher
  • Offer your time to do any yard work (weekend times are available)
  • Stay in close communication with your child’s teacher on his/her progress. E-mailing the teacher works great!
  • Speak to your child’s class about your career or special expertise
  • Volunteer to help with a PE class
  • Offer to help with our recycle program
  • Offer to do a craft project with the class
  • Volunteer time in your child’s classroom by sharing a favorite story book, help in a Center, organize a party, or offer to tutor
  • Offer to go on a field trip with your child’s class
  • Share your child’s success stories at WFS with your family, friends, and neighbors so the school will continue to grow!